About Naseco

NALWEYO SEED Company (NASECO) is the first private Ugandan seed company started production of improved seed production in 1996 and 10 years down the road we are one of the leading innovators and producers of seeds in Uganda and the great lakes region. We market our products to international and local NGO, wholesale and retail distributors around the region, and we are always pushing beyond the expected with its state-of-the-art products, a few of the company's most recent development are on Upland Rice, Maize, Sunflower and sorghums.

The company's innovative Yield Potential program has consistently delivered the highest seed quality for the best young seed production companies since 1996. This highly reliable production planning tool was developed to give professional seed farmers, Supplies, and the local village farmer an opportunity to make more yields and thus more money.

Through our accurate seed adaptive research department Naseco has been a big player in the introduction of new seed varieties in Uganda and the region. Naseco, therefore is the largest owned seed company in Uganda, breeds innovative seed varieties designed to boost yields, disease resistant, provide quality inputs, educate the farmers on post-harvest handling.

With each seed purchase, farmers in the region have entrusted us with their livelihood, literally banking on us to provide them the best seed products. It is a trust we honor and uphold by developing and introducing new seed varieties that not only change the agricultural industry but every life of all farmers in the region.

Our Vision

To be the leading seed company providing best value proposition to the East african farmers.

Our Mission

Empowering farmers with better seeds for higher yields to Maximize sustainable growth and quality of life.